Dec 20 2013

Auto Glass Expert shares inside information on windshield replacement prices

Nathan Taylor

Need a windshield replacement Atlanta? Do your diligence before ordering from the first shop you find. What you will run into is fees. Just like banks, many auto glass shops like to add on fees. One of the most common auto glass addon fees is the disposal fee. This used to be included in the price of the replacement, but to sound more competitive, higher priced national chains like to add these gimmick fees to get the price where they want them. Finding a local shop is usually a cheaper and often times a better option. Many of the employees at the National chains are less experienced that a local shop’s employees. We would recommend that you get a least 3 quotes before selecting a shop. Then make sure that the best price also has good reviews and customer ratings, make a judgement based on that and you will probably not only find a good deal, but a qualified installer as well.

Dec 10 2013

Windshield Replacement Guides

Nathan Taylor

In the coming months we plan to provide you with step by step windshield removal instructions for several types of common modern vehicles.

If you are an auto glass installer and would like to add a replacement guide to the website, contact us at to submit your removal guide.

We will also have reviews on several types of dallas windshield repair equipment choices.

Dec 6 2013

How to locate a local auto glass shop

Nathan Taylor

When searching the internet for the best auto glass repair shop or consultants, it’s important to grasp what techniques need to be employed in order to locate a business that concentrates on your requirements : whether it be car window replacement or auto glass repair. By using suitable search language, comparison shopping and local results, you can get an idea of which particular auto glass replacement outlet is best-suited to help you with your specific windscreen repair or windshield replacement dilemma. The following pieces of advice will lead you in the correct direction and help you locate an auto glass repair shop that is able to provide assistance.

Define The Damage

In several instances, it is easy to tell whether you will need a total car window replacement or a straightforward athens windshield repair. If you have large cracks or the damaged area is larger than 2-3 inches in any one direction, probabilities are that you will need to replace the entire window. If the damage is smaller and more localized, the windshield may be accepted for a straightforward repair that is cheap and fast. Knowing this, you can customize your search to get rather more important results ; as an example, searching for ‘auto glass replacement’ will help you locate specialists and shops that provide replacement services exclusively, while a search for ‘windshield repair’ may bring results for firms that pander to small repairs only.

Search for Local Results

If you were to be looking for a local company that caters exclusively to people in your neighborhood, then consider adding the general locale of where you reside to get quite a bit more fitting results. For those living in Atlanta that need a window replaced, looking for ‘atlanta windshield repair‘ gives more respected results than it would with the location omitted. While some people in small town areas might have to search for the closest larger city, there are numerous different repair centers and firms across the country that can be found by looking locally.

Read Available Reviews

Before considering any company for auto glass replacement or auto glass repair, it is a good idea to find any available reviews from other customers of the shop in question to see if they’re satisfied with the standard of work performed. This is definitely your first defensive zone against sub par auto glass replacement and window repair shops that prey on the uninformed.